Welcome to the Gluten-Free Baker’s Bench!

I stopped at the store today to pick up some Great Value All-Purpose Flour Blend, which is our favorite blend for baking yeast bread.  While we were in the gluten-free section, a mom and her daughter came through, looking for a gluten-free treat that looked inspiring.  Their comments to each other didn’t seem to suggest anything wonderful hiding inside the cardboard and cellophane packages.  I wanted to scribble out my address and invite them to come to my home sometime to bake some gluten-free treats together.

My husband lived with chronic, severe abdominal pain for years before discovering that gluten was the culprit.  During the early phase of his new gluten-free life, we tried several store-bought products.  Once in a while I would taste something and ask him, “Do you actually like this?”  He would answer, “At least it’s something I can eat.”

The man I love deserves better options.

I bought books, tried flour blends, tested recipes, and learned to enjoy the ways that gluten-free baking can be more fun than traditional baking.  What I enjoy the most is giving a gluten-free baked good to people who can eat whatever they want and watching them really enjoy it.

I’m grateful to my family for being my most trusted taste-testers, and to my amazing daughter-in-law, Allie, who created this site.  You inspire me and fill me with joy.


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